Preserving the planet probably sounds like one of those energy-consuming endeavors right? But it’s not.

To achieve this, all you need to do are simple day-to-day activities like switching off the light, reducing water usage, composting, and a host of other things. Mindfully putting these things into action and educating other people will affect the ecosystem positively.

Opinions on Collected.Reviews have shown that there are energy companies that can provide you with some basic information and services we need to know about from green energy, renewable energy, and even nuclear energy. While these ways may not seem new, they are still some of the most effective ways to preserve the planet.

  1. Conserve Electricity:

Consuming less electricity reduces the number of toxic fumes that are released by power plants, which indirectly preserves the planet and prevents its destruction. Excessive use of energy harms animals which increase their rate of extinction.

Generating electricity through power plants produces by-products like carbon dioxide causes airborne pollution and is bad for human health. To conserve energy, use more incandescent bulbs than CFLs, go for a smart thermostat, use smart power strips and ensure that your home is properly insulated.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

 Reduce means limiting the amount of waste created. Reuse means making use of items more than once. Recycle means instead of trashing out a product, it can be used to make something new.  This technique is an environmentally friendly way to preserve the planet and there are various means of implementing it such as opting for reusable bags instead of plastics, purchasing refillable pens and pencils, giving out old magazines, and buying toxic-free products.

  1. Plant a Tree:

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem that stabilizes the climate and the environment. Asides from how beautiful they make the environment look, their importance cannot be overemphasized. They help reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, storing carbon, and giving out oxygen. It reduces the wind speed and cools the air by reducing the temperature of the place. Planting trees can improve your health by trapping pollutants and acting as a barrier from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

4. Conserve Water:

The lesser the amount of water used, the lesser runoff that ends up in the ocean. Conserving water is one of the simplest ways to protect the planet. It prevents greenhouse emission that is associated with distributing water and it also prevents water pollution in nearby water bodies.  There are several ways to reduce the amount of water you consume, some of which are buying adjustable toilet flappers, buying high-efficiency machines that use a little amount of water, taking a shorter shower, and steaming water-saving shower-heads, installing composting toilets since they require no water. Study shows that using water-saving items in your home reduces water by 35{c575ec337559829e2ef0ba32b013c58cd9ae5022e8d6a7904cc1318c4c3e33e8}, the average household uses 130,000 gallons of water yearly and saves about 44,000 gallons of water yearly.

Several benefits are derived from protecting the planet and these mentioned are some of the most effective ways to start.